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In the run up to Valentine’s Day, Monique from HappyMakersBlog made a wall of Valentine art from various illustrators at the ShowUp event. Can you spot my awkward bird Valentine? Okay, I’ll give you a smal hint: it’s right next to the old people illustration by one of my favorite Dutch illustrators Liekeland (via Petit Louise). Love that ;)

If you’re curious about all these illustrators, there’s a handy who’s who over on HappyMakersBlog: here (in Dutch, but everything’s numbered).

And there’s good news: you can now also send in your art to be featured during HappyValentinesWeek! Read more in the post: here (Dutch). You have until Monday. Go, go, go!

Update: my bird print also featured bigger on HappyMakersBlog: here.

Image by HappyMakersBlog.