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UJB macrame DIY mouseblossom

This months Urban Jungle Bloggers theme is Hanging Planters!
I already owned some excellent vintage hanging Hannie Mein planters (read about them: here), but the string was missing. I didn’t have much time, so I used a super easy macrame technique I remembered from primary school (seriously ;))

I bought some natural string at Dille & Kamille, but you can get it at any gardening centre. I think the texture is just right for the era of the pots and it gives a nice Bohemian look. Plus, this one had a nice wooden stand with a handy knife in it, for cutting the string.

UJB string mouseblossom

Allright, here’s the DIY bit:

1. Make a loop (make sure you leave enough string, you’re going to be needing that to attach the macrame to the pot).
2. Pull another loop of string through the first loop (from the left, if you’re right-handed), while holding the excess string (on the right).
3. Repeat step 2 until your macrame string is long enough.
4. Cut the string (again, making sure you leave enough ‘regular’ string for attaching to the pot).

And the final step:
5. Attach to the pot using a regular old knot.


UJB hannie mein mouseblossom

And that’s it! Here’s your super fast super easy hanging planter:


UJB hanging plant mouseblossom

Much nicer than just using the string as is, right?
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