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This months Urban Jungle Bloggers theme Plants in the workplace made me chuckle a little, because… Well, let me introduce you to the ONE and ONLY house plant in our office: Schefflera arboricola.

Not a jungle per se, but a jungle plant nonetheless.
And she’s feisty too, she’s been in the same pot for over 10 years now. A little soil topping once a year and that’s it. Oh, and a sip of water once a week (on Fridays): you know how I love easy plants ;)
I do sometimes trim the top. If I don’t, she just grows up and up. And then forget about leaves at the bottom …

Right, that was a very short post. When we move house (don’t yet know when that will be), I’m sure I’ll be able to show you more green in our workplace. After all, our studio isn’t called Studio Groenling for nothing.*

* ‘Groenling’ is Dutch for ‘Green Finch’ (yes, the bird), but also literally translates as ‘Greenling’, which could be a person who likes all things green. Allright, we made that up. But it sounds good ;)

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