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Urban Jungle Bloggers topics are always fun. This months theme is My Plant Shelfie. The ‘shelves’ in our home are built in book cases (it’s a 1920’s house) and they are normally filled to the max with books. I cleared one shelf for this special occasion (plants are kept in the bedroom: here’s why). Anyway, hope you like! Here we go:



Some of my black books and succulents in vintage pots. I added a fossil, a sea urchin, and a botanical sugar spoon (bought at The Otherist, one of my favorite shops in Amsterdam).



Succulent close-up. Look at that stem already turning woody!



More black books, a Phlebodium Aur. ‘Blue star’ plant (which has grown quite a bit, as you can see: here), a tiny baby succulent cutting, some vintage pots and planters and one of my favorite vintage paper mache boxes.

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Have a fabulous weekend!