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This month’s Urban Jungle Bloggers theme is Show your plant gang. I didn’t cheat and buy extra plants, I even gave some away! (see previous UJB post: here) This is all I have (for now ;)). The planter in our downstairs office was a little heavy, so I decided to just take all the other plants downstairs.



I use a vintage ceramic tray to hold some of the smaller plants.

As you can see, some of my plants could use a little TLC *coughs*. The one on the far left is not a special type of Chinese money plant, it has been with me for over a decade and is looking a little weary… For a while I’ve been growing cuttings of this plant and recently I’ve started giving some away. Not just because there were so many and they make a super gift, but also because I felt that it was good Karma. Do you believe in such a thing?



This little plant kept eluding me, but finally my local garden centre had it in stock: it’s a… and then I couldn’t for the life of me remember XD Sorry, do tell me if you know!

And I also want to let you in on a decision: this is my last Urban Jungle Bloggers post on, they will be moving to I’ll explain everything in tomorrow’s blogpost!

Don’t forget to view all the other fabulous plant gangs over on You can still join in, if you like!