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This month’s Urban Jungle Bloggers theme A green gift is right on cue, as I was about to give a little gift to someone anyway. I know she loves vintage folklore ceramics and I found a very special one! These Bavaria folklore cups feature different Dutch cities. This one has Middelburg on it: our own town!



See? So sweet.
I just knew this had to be my gift to her. Also, we both enjoy a good cup of coffee and this is the perfect size for a nice Lungo espresso. Succes!



The succulent that I’ve been growing is a cutting from my own plant. I love giving these little personal gifts.



It fits perfectly in the cup, for now. When it gets too big, she can easily repot it and use the cup for coffee again.



Cup o’ succulent ;)



And finally, I placed it in a grey and white chevron paper bag for handy transportation.



A little peek at the green inside.

Are you planning on giving a green gift this month? As you can see, it really doesn’t have to be expensive. Just a little something that shows you care.
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