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Always nice to visit the grounds of Westhove Castle. You can walk around in the woods, dunes and beach are also very close by.

The castle itself is a Stayokay hostel (I’ve even worked there for a season, years ago) and the former conservatory is home to Terra Maris: a small natural history museum with a botanical garden.

I wanted to give you a little peek of the gardens:


Everything looks so neat and tidy! Signs everywhere in case you want to wander around by yourself. Which I always do. There are also guided tours and workshops.


Nice to see some extra information about the herbs. Unfortunately in Dutch only. It would have been nice if they added English and German as well, as it is a touristy area.


Use of wood in the gardens.


See that little black shed? Really funny chickens there. Of course I forgot to take photos…

Have you ever visited Westhove or Terra Maris?