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This notebook made me laugh… because I’m self-imployed ;) Sometimes it’s good to reconsider your actions, work-wise.

Meanwhile, I am still hard at work combining the day job with this new adventure called visual strands.
My Mouseblossom blog has been suffering a little (sorry!), so I decided to do a round-up post here once a week, until I get things rolling. I hope you’ll understand.

Meanwhile, can you believe it’s January 17th already?
Some very nice things have been happening to me lately though:

During the Holidays I entered the Lightgrey Art Lab ‘Make My Holiday’ art swap. I made my ‘swap partner’ this black + white illustration on a gold background of animals in striped sweaters (work-in-progress photo). Very happy to be given such a fun swap partner, look what Megan Kampa made me: a custom portrait of all of our cats, in sweaters!


And then there were these super sweet and unexpected handmade Christmas gifts:


Felt ornament by Annelies (Allihoppa).
Porcelain bauble with felt cat
from Annett (Mote). We will be collaborating on a project soon!
And this amazing ceramic bowl by Mihaeko (Starling Brood) arrived all the way from the US.

Oh my… Feeling very grateful indeed. Thank you so much, ladies!


On January 10th we had a Zeeuwse Branding New Years meet-up (platform for local creative businesses) and we spoke about our plans for 2015. Which was very uplifting. It also prompted me to quit the Zeeuwse Branding Instagram. Do less, but better. Focus. Allrighty then.

I also entered the Papirmass/Brown Paper Bag Collage Scrap exchange and just sent in my entry this week (detail photo), so fingers crossed…


How were your Holidays and the first weeks of January and what are your plans for this year?
Less, but better‘ and ‘Just start‘ seem to be the mottos for 2015. Do you agree?