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For this months theme I cheated a little (promise to be good next time) because I just couldn’t resist using some blossoming cherry branches from my garden. Not exactly a houseplant, but so pretty… I mean, just look at it:



Such a shame blossoms are only here for a short while. All the more reason to enjoy them now. Even the buds are gorgeous!



Right. Styling! I have to admit that I never buy Easter decorations and I didn’t really have time to make any. Plus, I don’t eat eggs (except for the chocolate variety). What to do!

Well, I had my favorite ceramic bunny by Midori Takaki, which usually sits on my desk, stand in for the Easter bunny and used egg-shaped pebbles for ‘eggs’. The vintage bird-vase ads an extra touch of Spring. Do you think I can get away with it?



Next, I added the branches to a vintage geometric smokey glass vase. The bunny seems to approve…



To take the geometric theme a little further I added this Origami Bunny illustration by Hysil, which compliments the colour of the blossom and buds beautifully:


I can’t wait to see what my fellow Urban Jungle Bloggers have come up with! Find out more at the Urban Jungle Bloggers Facebook Page: here.