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It’s been a while since I intended to become a Blogger. I started an account and posted a small blog: Hello world! And then… Work got in the way. And every day life. Or, that’s my excuse anyway. How DO you get started? And I was thinking I would have to spend some considerable time ‘plugging’ my blog, in able for anyone to actually read it. After searching the internet and finding so many wonderful blogs already, by people who seem to be ‘doing it all’ without losing their ‘chirpyness’ (let alone their sanity), I got cold feet again. So there you have it. And then today, I read this blog: my thoughts on social networking. Great, that’s exactly how I feel: how can one person in their right mind ever keep up with work, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Hyves and other types of ‘social’ media and have time left for an actual LIFE to report about? I now consider ‘breathing’ the most important part of life. So, all well intended advice aside (thou must be everywhere and do everything and beith chirpyyy!), I’m now starting my blogging life, so heeeeere goes!