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Just got back from a fun weekend in Leuven, Belgium with Annelies, Babette and Margriet (photos above by and of all of us). Look for our tag #roadtripleuven on Twitter and Instagram.

These ladies always manage to put a smile on my face. I had to promise not to post our most embarrassing photos though. Apparently I have a reputation for doing that? ;) Anyway, one of the silly photo’s I made of Babette and Annelies did make it to Annelies’ blog: here. There’s a weird one of me ‘photobombing’ Annelies too. It happens.


The people of Leuven have a silly sense of humor, as their Tourist Office shows. I mean: ‘Are you Leuven it?’… Haha.

We visited some shops and these two caught my eye:

Roadtrip-leuven_Bleu-CelesteHandmade at Bleu Celeste (spotted lots of fellow Etsian Lila Ruby King’s items there).

Roadtrip-leuven_Design-DistrictFab design at Design District.

We also enjoyed the beautiful old buildings and some wonderful street music!
The smell of waffles coming from a vendor right outside our hotelroom window was sooo good:


But we didn’t have any. We did however, have really good cupcakes (normally not a big fan, but these were goood) and coffee (soy milk, yes!) at Mok:

On Sunday, we hopped over to Brussels where we visited a flea market, had lunch and spotted some street art from the car:


We also took the photo with Vera Bertens’ Llama’s there (last one on the first -collage- photo), just for fun (look for the tag #llamaontour on Instagram).

– – – – –

I discovered that shop keepers in Leuven also really like plants, so the UrbanJungleBlogger in me just had to take some pictures. I’ll show you in part 2 of this roadtrip tomorrow!

Oh and here are the Roadtrip blogs by Babette and Annelies: