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Events 2013-14

You may or may not have noticed that this year I haven’t been attending the amount of events I did last year (Oh boy, I had to say No to a lot of fun things this year). A bit of a budget problem. We’ve all been there, right?

You see: I’ve been wanting to move house for a few years now and we finally completed the renovation. It took about ten years (I know…), a lot of energy and, yes, money. But it was for a good cause. The house is now for sale. Fingers crossed. I’m dreaming of a tiny house with a tiny garden. And lots of time on our hands ;)

Good things are coming in the (hopefully) near future!

So no events for me. It did hurt a bit (they’re so. much. fun! And I love catching up with old and new friends), but I plan to pick most of this up again next year… I have a plan. Which I can’t talk about yet. Yes, one of those again, sorry ;) But I will as soon as I can, promise!

‘Nicked’ these not very glamorous but fun behind-the-scenes photos (above) from Babette. X!
Top left: at Meet the Blogger 2013, top right: at the Woonbeurs 2013, bottom left: at Dutch Design Week 2013, visiting atelier LoveMyrthe, bottom right: at the Ka-ching Etsy Craft party 2014 (glad I did attend that!).