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Yvonne de Jonge in green

Hi there!
In case you were wondering what I’ve been doing lately:

ISSUE 2 of visual strands is live!

Some amazing contributors again: I got to interview illustrator David Litchfield, ask Tina Bernstein about Mapology Guides and pick four of my favorite pieces by Natasha Newton for your viewing pleasure. Well now.

I’m really proud of this and the previous issue (which can be found in the menu there, in case you missed it: Denise Beckand of BeColorAnd made beautiful paper cut wings for our launch, Mario Aspeslagh wrote about how bird photography changed his life and I did an interview with Judith de Graaff about Urban Jungle Bloggers) and grateful for the support of so many generous and talented people already. A lot of that goes on behind-the-scenes: via email, WhatsApp or Twitter DM.

You know who you are: thank you! xx

I really hope you’ll visit visual strands and let me know what you think. On being asked more than once why I didn’t share anything about myself there, I wrote a post about moi. That’s on there now, as well. Yikes, right? Mario took the photo of me in a park (not embarrassing at all, encountering other people while coming out of the shrubbery with a camera XD).

Not an easy task, I always feel uncomfortable having my photo taken. Witness the many childhood photographs of me pulling funny faces (you’re welcome ;)):

Silly photos

Nope, wasn’t even trying.

Don’t worry, I’m not quitting Mouseblossom. I really like having this space, where I can show you awkward photographs and of course my handmade and illustration work and chat about personal things as well. I hope you do too.
My Etsy shop is still on vacation mode until April 20th, which may seem like a long time but I have two collaborations to finish, so for me it will probably be over too soon. On the other hand, I can’t wait to show you. They’re so fab!

So, how have you been? Whatcha been doin’?