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How’s this for a dramatic ‘last blog post photo’? Dark, yet full of hope!

What? Yes, you read it correctly. You probably already noticed that I haven’t been posting much. There’s a lot going on in my work/life and it was time to make some tough decisions. And here’s a whopper:

I’ve decided to stop blogging here on


Because has been my blogging home for so many years now, I was hesitant to leave it. After all, it’s where I started blossoming again. Which is why I’ve been putting it off for so long. But it is the right thing to do.

The truth is, I’ve been feeling stressed out although promising myself a few years ago never to fall into that trap again. We’ve all been there, right? I have to give myself more free time, which means I have to choose.

Also, visual strands (my other ‘blog’) is doing reasonably well. But I felt I couldn’t quite give it the attention it deserved, dividing my time and energy between two blogs. I was looking for a challenge, and that it certainly is. And the name is just so good, if I do say so myself XD Long story short: all my wishes an doubts put together, I ended up with a decision.

Mouseblossom will remain my pseudonym, also for my Etsy shop etc. This website will become a place for me to show new work etc. (I’ll make sure the old blog posts will still be here, in case you want to read them again ;))

Mouseblossom Twitter and Instagram are staying too. It’s just the easiest way to keep you updated, show my work-in-progress shots and share everything else that I love. Besides, I’m having way too much fun connecting with you all over there :)

I’ve sort of changed my Pinterest to visual strands already, but apart from the name you won’t notice much of a difference: I’ll still keep Pinning what I love!

Blog-wise, I really hope you’ll join me over on It’s my new home and I’m very proud to be there, alongside some very talented and inspiring people. Oh and my urbanjunglebloggers posts will be there from now on as well!

Right, now all I have to do is… a lot. Yes. I’d better be getting on with it. But first:


Thank all of you for following my Mouseblossom blog, it means a lot!

Let’s stay in touch X