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Hi and welcome to my brand new site! Glad you’re on board!

Please read my final post on my WordPress blog:

Hi there! Been really busy working behind the scenes to get my new self-hosted blog up and running.
From now on you can find me at:
I’m currently waiting for WordPress Staff to transfer my WordPress e-mail subscribers, but if you’re following my blog from other services and if you want to keep receiving e-mails, please subscribe on my new site. I hope you do!

Why move to self-hosting? For now, the blog will look and work generally the same, but the move to self-hosting will enable me to add new features and expand in the future.

Here’s a “but”: All WordPress Likes are no longer visible, I’m hoping to get them back with the next Jetpack update, although it’s still unsure if that’s going to be possible.

And some “howevers”: I’ve added a Facebook Like button now, so you can Like again to your hearts content!
And it’s now possible to follow my blog with Bloglovin’: button is in the sidebar.
I wanted to install Google Friends connect too, but that’s being retired as you can read here.
I’ll look into Google+ later on (I did reserve an account and page), it’s really busy at the moment, sorry.

If you have any questions or tips, or if you come across problems on my new site please let me know. I really appreciate your input, thanks!