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It’s been a little hectic with work and, well, post-market tiredness, but here it is: the Mercado de Belcrum (mini)blogpost!

1. The music was really nice and laid back, which is a good thing at a market: you don’t want to be blown away by a wall of sound, right?
2.  Neighbour to my left: studiogem.
3.  Neighbour two stalls down to my right (so sorry I don’t know the name of her shop), who shared a stall with ByMiekk.
Not on the photo: my sweet neighbour Bluevelvet Vintage. And… well loads more.
Like: all kinds of coffee freshly made in the back of a vintage VW van, nibbles and bubbly drinks, handmade products, art/illustration and vintage. What’s not to love. Met some amazing people as well.
If you couldn’t make it, be sure to go next time if you can: there was a great atmosphere.