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This post started as a ‘Forty things about me’ (yes, that’s a thing). I spent a few hours on it, got to 32 or something and then decided that I actually didn’t want to write it. Wow. The next day, I spent hours writing a post ‘On being my intrinsic self’. And that same afternoon I decided that I didn’t want to post that either. It was after all just a personal musing.

So, were all those hours wasted? I don’t think so. Because it made me stop and think. Before posting. I realised that I didn’t want to receive comments about what I wrote, so why post it?

Which brings me to this video of Liz Danzico talking about ‘The fringe benefits of quitting‘ (found via SwissMiss). Which I do want to share:



And what about Maria Popova‘s talk. She has an amazingly inspiring blog called Brainpickings. If you don’t know it yet, I really recommend a visit (although you may never want to leave). Anyway, this is her talk for Creative Mornings (also super inspiring), “7 things I’ve learned“:


And finally this article on 99U by Maria Rapetskaya: Stop Apologizing for Wanting Work/Life Balance
Enough inspiration for one Monday? ;) What are your favorite go-to blogs for inspiration?