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Image by Ingthings on Instagram.

Ingrid from Dutch blog Ingthings sent me this pink Hup club ‘membership’ card a while ago. A little cheeky, I asked her if I could have a pink or white one, because I wanted to hang it somewhere I could see it: I’m picky when it comes to colours, ha.
Hup is Dutch for Go, or Come on. A You can do it sort of thing.

It started with this post (in Dutch) on Ingrid’s blog. The card is a little token to remind ourselves to keep at it, whatever it is we want to achieve, even if sometimes we don’t really feel like doing anything. Turns out, lot of people responded so wether we can look forward to a small club meeting or a massive event, I don’t know? Haha. It’s still such a sweet initiative, don’t you think? Acts of kindness go a long way.