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LOGO 1M2 kleinst

Ooooh so excited! This is what‘s happening:
Eén Vierkante Meter (One Square Meter): a platform where makers, designers, artists, doers, thinkers and creative entrepreneurs show, swop or sell their work on one square meter. An unusual concept to challenge everyone to utilize a minimal space in a maximal way.

When it’s going to happen: April 22th 2012 in Hasselt, Belgium.
And where (wow! I love this place): here and here.

And… I’m going to be there, on my very own one square meter! A bit of a challenge, but I’m so looking forward to it. I will be bringing prints and brooches, but also some especially designed thingies, which I’m going to keep secret for now. Ha!

The sweet and talented Annemiek from Two Trees and Mitsy from Artmind are organising the event. Looking forward to meeting them in person. That’s definitely going to happen, as they both pre-ordered a print from me: how great is that!

I will keep you posted on the progress and of course I will be blogging about the event afterwards, so you won’t have to miss a thing. Right, well, of to work! Yay!