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Have you been feeling annoyed and frustrated for far too long because you just can’t comment on your favorite blogs with your iPad or iPhone? (and eating too many chocolate chip cookies because of it) Same here!

I read blogs in the evenings. Working as a graphic designer, I sit behind a computer screen most of the time and the last thing I want to do after work hours, is get right back behind my computer. In our office. I just want to be on the sofa, cats and iPad on lap and comment to my hearts content (I may or may not still be eating chocolate chip cookies). Not possible. Until now.

Turns out, there is a very easy solution!

And it’s free too (we like that): just download the Opera browser app here in the app store and go. That’s it. Told you it was easy. Please read and share the link to this excellent blogpost by John Large, that’s how I found out too. Tell everyone!

If you have a Blogger blog (where the fails usually occur) and you’ve seen your comments decline or readers comment on your blogposts mostly through other media such as Twitter or Facebook, now you know why.

So, lets get back to the 21st century and to commenting! After all, it’s still the best way to show your appreciation and connect with your favorite bloggers. Pass it on! Oh and do let me know if this was helpful, thanks.

Image: LaFarme.