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A bit late but hey, I was on a blogging holiday after all and yesterday (apparently) was The worst day of the year, which didn’t sound too promising for writing let alone posting my first blogpost of 2014 (and I have to say, I was a liiittle grumpy).
So here we are. In English only, again. I’ve dropped my Dutch translations, read about the reason at the end of this blogpost. Hope you don’t mind…

Do I have more New Years resolutions? Sure!


Closing some doors:

Well, the vintage shop is almost closed: just a few listings remain in the shop until they expire. That’s when the shop will really close forever (I’ll miss it, though). Oh and if you saw something you liked which is no longer in the shop, just contact me: I might still have it.

I’ve also been driving myself and my husband crazy clearing out ALL the closets, because I really want to move to a smaller home with a garden this year. He’s been working on the final stage of the 10 year long (please don’t ask) renovation of our current house, while working hard at the day job as well. Yes, busy… So this door hasn’t been closed just yet, but we’re getting there.


So others can (remain) open:

Currently working on very precious porcelain brooches, which has always been a wish of mine, thanks to some wonderful people I’ll be making that happen this spring!

There’s a new Etsy collective in the making! We’ve only just had our first meeting so it’s still in its infancy, but we have big plans (think: pop-up shops, workshops etc.). After a New Years meeting with some other ladies of Etsy team Zeeuwse Etsy community we decided to start a local collective right here in the beautiful province of Zeeland. The more fab Dutch collectives the better, right? I’ll keep you posted.

Also, stay tuned for more roadtrips with the girls who, by the way, have some pretty fab plans of their own (which I can say nothing about yet: secret!)…

Urban Jungle Bloggers is something I’ve really been enjoying, so I’ll definitely keep doing that in 2014 (new UJB post next week!). And who knows, maybe I’ll be reporting from my very own new urban garden soon (fingers crossed).

Oh and drawing… yes… I’ve been having a bit of an illustrators-block lately (too many other things on my mind). But I will definitely be working on new things soon. I want to get back to experimenting with various materials and see where that leads me.

My day job has been full of changes too, as we started a partnership in 2013. We have lots of plans for 2014…

In short, 2013 was a whirlwind of a year (lost dear relatives, started a business partnership, got married, met new friends, work, shops, trips, events…). A bit much, but now: on with the new year! Looking forward to more fun, relaxation (yes, really) and… well, surprises. Bring. It. On!

What are your plans and dreams?

P.S.: just read this article by Design for mankind. Teehee. Oh, yes…


Photo: A little present I received from Dutch 101 woonideeën magazine: card by Karen Weening, kraftpaper by Eva & Anne.