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If you read my blogpost yesterday, you know that I got my MOO minicards (more info in that post). Didn’t have enough (day)time to make a photo then, but here they are. They’re really beautiful and come with this sweet box. And they arrived earlier than expected, so yay MOO!
The cards have my ‘Seperated’ illustration (and Etsy logo) on the front and my favorite colour (aubergine, or plum, if you like) and information on the back.
I punched a hole in some of them to make these sweet tags. Punched a hole in a green paper bag, added a piece of wool and the tag. Lovely and simple gift wrapping.
I nearly went mad looking for eco paper for the brooches and some brown paper bags. Still couldn’t find those, but finally came across these green ones and decided they would brighten things up nicely.

I made the brown eco brooch cards last Sunday. A lot of hole punching here too, but I love how they make the brooches look now.

Handpainted ceramics for 1M2… Blogpost tomorrow!