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Images: Lizzy Stewart, Peter Harren and Gemma Correll.
You know when sometimes you just need a little pick-me-up? These illustrators so do that for me. They look at every day life and manage to find the humorous side of it:

Lizzy Stewart
Besides making really lovely illustrations, she also has a very dry sense of humor.
I can’t help but grin when looking at her diary drawings.
Visit her website, blog and Etsy shop.
Her new zine ‘Solo’ is out now! You can buy it (and others) here.

Peter Harren
What can I say? I laughed out loud the first time I saw his ‘Dance with no pants’ illustration…
Website, blog and Etsy shop.

Gemma Correll
She seems to be everywhere. Although, I only discovered her about a year ago, by this link my boyfriend sent me (apparently he thought it was appropiate; I just started drawing again and, well… This made me laugh at myself). I call her the Queen of Puns (she’s brilliant at making ‘bad’ puns).
If you can’t laugh at any of her drawings, there could be something seriously wrong (really, go see someone about that)…
Visit her website: her sketchbook‘s very funny. And her blog).

Bad Drawings of my daily life
is gathering quite a following on Twitter, and deservedly so. These drawings are sometimes sooo bad, yet sooo funny. They seem to be brightening up everyones day now.
Visit their Tumblr.
I also suggested a drawing once. This is what they came up with.

Well, I hope this weeks (belated) Featured Friday cheered up your day too. Have a good weekend!