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One of my favorite Dutch designers (can you tell from the photo?) is Hella Jongerius. She was one of the first people to combine ceramics with thread, deliberately leaves ‘mistakes’ in her ceramic vases and makes wooden frogs emerge from tables. Also designing for Vitra, her IKEA PS designs are probably best known by the big public: the ‘Jonsberg‘ vases (like the one I’m holding on the photo) and the ‘Pelle, ‘Mikkel’ and ‘Gullspira‘ wall-hangings. I adore her green ‘Polder sofa‘, based on the typically Dutch ‘polder’ landscape (not going to happen with my cats though, or with my budget anyway, lol). And look at these animal bowls! And… Okay, I’ll let you look for yourself now. There’s a lovely book about her work too, called Misfit. Yay!