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On March 31st and April 1st, ‘De Ruimte’ (a venue in the historic monastic vaults at the canals) in the Dutch city of Utrecht, will be accomodating the first Dutch Etsy Showroom. Unfortunately I was too late for a vendor place, but I’m definitely going (I already RSVP-ed) and of course I’ll make photos and post about the event. Something to look foreward to! The theme is ‘Something is growing here’ and over on the Dutch Handmade blog (in Dutch only) you can see a new ‘sprout’ (Showroom vendor) appear every day (click on a photo there to see the interview with that vendor, sorry in Dutch again). Here’s a teaser, but there are many more to come:

More exiting news coming up by the way. This is quite the week for exciting news, so stay tuned!