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Oh my, look at these (they’re still drying).
Well, I did it. My first attempt at drawing on ceramics using a porcelain marker. Found out a few things though.

You need:
1. a steady hand: uncheck.
2. a kitchen-whipe, so you can (quickly!) erase any mistakes and start over: check.
3. patience, because they take 4 hours to dry and then need another 90 minutes in the oven: check.
4. people who love teabag dishes with little wobbly bears on them: maybe….

Or go to a workshop at Elle Aimee in Rotterdam (looks like fun!).

I will be taking these with me to 1M2 on Sunday. Curious to see what people think of them; I like my bears wobbly, but is that just me?

I was actually looking for ceramic transfers so I could transfer my prints onto ceramics, but couldn’t find any that would be dishwasher safe (the ones I made with the marker are) and could set in a regular oven. So if you have any tips, I’d love to hear from you!