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A while ago I talked about opening my own Etsy shop. My shamefull excuses for why that hasn’t happened (until now): couldn’t find enough time and then not enough inspiration, got sidetracked by things on the internet, there are so many amazing artists already, I’m too late for the holiday sales anyway, too busy again…
Erm, are you still with me? Enough with the excuses! So I bought a good quality printer (Epson Photo R3000), archival paper and brooch-making supplies. Made and remade some artworks (Etsy rule: only sell what you would want to buy yourself) and I’m working on brooches (yes!) to kick-start my Etsy shop this month (I will be having an Opening sale!). I’m really looking forward to being part of the Etsy community. Go, me! (peptalk) When my shop opens you’ll be the first to know, so watch this space!
Meanwhile, have a peek at my work in progress (redoing the one on the right though):