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…and the sweet people you meet through social media
Went to Amsterdam on Saturday. @awholelottarosa (who I know from Instagram and Twitter and who lives in Amsterdam) e-mailed me a whole heap of wonderful ‘must-see’ tips, that was so sweet (thanks again)!
One of her tips was Options. I went there first and loved it! Be sure to check out their website. Also stopped by my favorite second-hand store (not on the list -insert wink here-) where I thrifted the lovely cup and saucer.
Away from the main shopping streets, walking by the canals is always good for spotting little gems, like these sea horses on the wall of a house.
I had a main quest too: ‘Buy new shoes’ (very specific flat black ‘standard FBI’ type shoes, uh you know) which unfortunately took up most of my time (but I found them!)…
I’ll treasure The List and will definitely use it next time (making sure I don’t have a ridiculous shoe quest…). After a three-and-a-half-hour train journey (because of work on a new train station somewhere) I arrived home, finding a nice hot bowl of (very Dutch) split pea soup waiting for me, made by my wonderful boyfriend, yay!
Also read about my visit to the cat museum on a previous visit to Amsterdam: here.