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As you may know, I’m also on Twitter. Here are a few of the things I’ve (re)tweeted (apart from my blogfeed):

Elizabeth Gilbert on nurturing creativity

RT @Etsy: How do you define success? Maybe the secret is in nurturing people who believe in you

Beautiful… RT @Etsy: You can draw with pencils… or you can draw on pencils (thanks again @itscolossal!)

RT @studiosstudio: We interviewed one of our favorite illustrators–@gemmacorrell!

RT @hannes_bhc: Recreating stockphoto’s is the new planking.

I know it’s an old Etsy blog, but it’s inspiring: the title says it all ;-)

RT @WeAreWhatWeDo: Making tea for cold police in London streets ACTION 101: MAKE SOMEONE SMILE

Never Be My Friend – My Modern Metropolis via @mymodernmet