Urban Jungle Bloggers: Plants & Coffee

This months Urban Jungle Bloggers theme Plants & Coffee is one after my own heart: I do love a good espresso! Of course some extra dark chocolate to go with it. And hey, how good does my new plant look in this green vintage planter! Enough said: let’s tuck... read more

Creative challenges & this week

Wow, this week just flew by! I’m still working on visual strands, the launch date is only a week away now! Getting a little nervous… Not too many deadlines for the day job this week, so I could really focus on this (now not so secret) project. Yay. Every... read more

What’s been happening

This notebook made me laugh… because I’m self-imployed ;) Sometimes it’s good to reconsider your actions, work-wise. Meanwhile, I am still hard at work combining the day job with this new adventure called visual strands. My Mouseblossom blog has been... read more

Revealing name and logo of ‘the secret project’!

*drumroll* So here it is: the name and logo of my secret project:   Pretty cool, right? visual strands will be focusing on (you guessed it) the visual, so I decided on a simple yet striking logo. There will some excellent written content on the site as well, oh... read more

Happy New Year: free shipping on original art!

Happy New Year! I hope you had a fabulous holiday season. I’m taking my free days as an opportunity to work on various exciting things. I’ve already discontinued some items in my Etsy shop. It’s looking a little empty-ish at the moment, but new... read more

New Years Resolutions? Break them already!

At the end of this old year, on the brink of a new one, we remenisce about a year past and feel hopeful for the year ahead. We are given a second chance by the calendar gods! So we make Resolutions, most of which we will break again as soon as possible. That’s... read more

Happy Holidays!

Thinking what to use for an image, I came across this photo of me in a purple Christmas(?) sweater my mom made me. We’re talking late sevent… early eighties (yes, I’m sticking with that). Clothes were made to grow into, then. Lucky, it still... read more

7 blogger’s Christmas wishes

Mel Chesneau from Armoire, Pegs & Casserole asked some of her blogging friends who have previously been a On The Wall or My Space guest, what they would like if they had three wishes this Christmas. One needed to be personal, one for the home and one that was... read more

Last chance to buy Kitteh earrings!

That’s right: I’m discontinuing these plastic hand-drawn Kitteh earrings in 2015! It was quite a decision, because they are my top selling items on Etsy, but plastic is just not my material of choice anymore and the costs were not adding up, so they have... read more

Urban Jungle Bloggers: UJBXMAS!

This month Urban Jungle Bloggers is changing the rules a little bit. Instead of creating blogposts (I did one anyway, especially for you), we’re sharing our festive green decors on Instagram using #UJBXMAS and #urbanjunglebloggers. And there’s a little... read more

Living with a male model

There. I bet that got your attention ;) I’m talking about our cat Damien of course. Mario didn’t want to be photographed for this particular blogpost. *coughs* Look at this cutie: The very talented Danielle Pedersen of Smallwildshop (formerly Handymaiden)... read more

Bye to November + Pingping’s birthday

And then it was the 2nd of December! How did that happen? I posted this goodbye to November on Instagram. You can find me: here. Today is also the birthday of our sweet Pingping! She turned seven. She’s such a tomboy... read more

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